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    There are two kinds of fame:

    1. You get known for doing crazy things, pulling a stunt, creating a scandal or maybe participating in a reality show.
    2. You are respected for achieving remarkable professional success, for your significant contribution to the society, for building a strong personal brand, or creating a business success.

    In 2010, I met professor Mike Wien, a marketing expert and a world Ironman Triathlete, at the National Speakers Association, Georgia Chapter. Beginning with my book project and wanting to take my career to the next level, I have consulted with professor Mike Wien who is an expert on marketing, branding, creating “a specific edge”.

    What he preaches could be counterintuitive and put you on the edge. He challenged me and nailed me down to the very specific. I was exhausted after one hour working with him, (Gosh! I did not know that he also brings the “triathlon training mentality” to work too [​IMG]:) . He helped me strip down all the fluff and get straight to the core. He always says, “Specialization makes you an invaluable asset. It gives you a competitive edge that will launch you to the next level of success. Avoid being commoditized at all costs.”

    In late 2016, I invited professor Mike Wein for an interview on my LanBercu TV.

    A few golden nuggets from his book “The Specific Edge” to share with you for building long-term success:
    • Find something that you or your business can be really good at.
    • To have an edge, your performance/ product needs to be superior to your competitors.
    • To have an edge, you need to develop a point of differentiation.
    • Specialize in something you are really good at to build a competitive edge.
    • Define your core audience/ customer and focus on them.
    • Not only respond to customers’ needs, but anticipate them as well.
    • Always on the lookout for opportunities that relate to technology and social media trends.
    • Stay current in your areas of expertise.
    • Follow the futurists.

    The easiest way to set yourself apart in a large crowded market is to find three things that you are really good at. What makes you special? What are the 3 things that could make you famous?
    If you would like to learn more, you can watch the interview on LanBercu TV in English with Vietnamese caption.

    P.S: I would love to hear your thoughts. Just write, write and write and don't be afraid of making any mistakes.
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