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    Through various leadership programmes at universities and organisations that I have been trained, I experience some considerable points of leadership:

    1) Leadership is mostly from training, not nature. Training can be from diverse forms such as school, university, or daily life. In developed countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc, to name some, leadership are taught from preschool age to adults, from academic institutions to community organisations. We can explore some children have good characteristics of leadership but they possibly perceived them in their daily life or schools.

    2) There is a variety of leadership. They consist of transformational leadership, transitional leadership, etc., to name a few, but they have something in common including vision and inspiration. In other words, a good leader needs to have an apparent vision so this person and others can acknowledge what they will achieve. Also, a great leader has to know how to motivate others to overcome challenges in order to get to proposed targets.

    3) Everyone should learn leadership. Knowledge and skills of leadership are mainly about setting goals, making plans, implementing these plans, assessment yourself and others, empowerment and motivation yourself and others, as well as soft skills such as public speaking, effective communication, networking, coupled with certain managerial aspects such as managing conflict, time, organisation, and so forth.

    One lesson in an English book indicated that the new framework of management in the future is the combination of management and leadership. It means that, apart from your main professional, you should equip certain understanding of leadership because it would be helpful for your life. And this is true in Australia, leadership has been taught in child care centres, kindergartens, schools, universities, community organisations, and City councils.
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