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    Having studied intensively during 2 days on the Annual Leadership Program of Flinders University, South Australia, and worked as a Career Leader approximately 1 year for the university in order to apply the knowledge and expertise of leadership to practical contexts as well as to help other students become new leaders, some points would help.

    Apart from the main area of working such as medicine, engineering, education, and so on, knowledge and expertise of leadership are considered very significant for people’s success, nowadays.

    Leadership may be simply about how to set goals and drive others to achieve them. Some basic knowledge and skills of leadership are managing conflict, managing people, making change, self and others awareness, self and other inspiration, working effectively in team, and so forth. There are a variety of leadership styles and specific style would create specific knowledge and expertise.

    The main topic of this year event is “Resilient Leadership”. It’s about the ability to be flexible, to overcome adversity, and to succeed. The main purpose of this topic is that people can work and live in a diversity of companies and countries across the world. Additionally, they may cope with constant changes of their work and life so the high adaptability and resilience to make significant changes are crucial.

    There were 8 keynote speakers and three excellent students participating in the event. They are managers of business firms and consulting companies, or leaders of community groups to support for sex, gender, and race equality.

    Some useful topics were mentioned:

    The emerging leaders guide to creating genuine networks”
    What is resilient leadership and how would employers identify this?
    Inclusive Leadership
    The resilient brain
    Everyday leadership
    How to develop leadership skills
    Resilience and change
    Identifying out existing resiliency strengths
    Overcome adversity

    Some take home messages might be useful:

    “Do dream and try on your best to make it come true”

    “Be resilient and move forward”

    “Take risks and manage them effectively to succeed”

    “Only you can stop you”

    “Be crazy leaders”

    “Stand out of the crowd”

    “Erase negative thoughts”

    “Your reputation is your wealth”


    “You, I, and everybody can become leaders
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