Military concepts in Management and Leadership have

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    Military concepts in Management and Leadership have, over many years, gained a degree of acceptance in the running of enterprises and organizations.

    Many interesting and famous military treatises can be seen in ancient books such as San Guo Yan Yi. Although it is a military work, it need not be strictly confined to military affairs. By applying ancient wisdom, we can find the answer for many unsolved challenges. Chapter 100 of San Guo Yan Yi is one of my favorite chapters. To me, it does not really matter who the winner is. I am interested more in the rationalizing and thinking approaches of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi as well as the application salient points.

    This chapter started with the offensive of Wei’s army trying to evade Shu followed by the counter-attack of Shu. The battle is actually an intellectual duo between Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi. A series of application of many ploys and strategies, direct and indirect approaches have been used. A deathly game with psychological and emotional pressure requires both sides to understand deeply each other. Excellent use of distraction, disguise and even double agent has been played. This chapter was crystallized in a deathly letter of Zhuge Liang to Cao Zhen, insulted him to death.

    In this letter, Zhuge Liang has described fourteen qualities and abilities that a general must have:

    1. A general must have the ability to plan and decide
    2. A general must have the ability to use the flexibility
    3. A general must have the ability to know when and how to attack and retreat
    4. A general must have the ability to know strengths and weaknesses
    5. A general must be immovable as mountains
    6. A general must be untraceable as the swapping of Ying and Yang
    7. A general must be infinite as the universe
    8. A general must work hard and be busy as the national reserve
    9. A general must have a heart as vast as the four oceans
    10. A general must have a fully enlightened mind as the lights of heaven
    11. A general must know to foresee droughts and floods
    12. A general must know the characteristics of the ground
    13. A general must know the timing and grouping possibilities when analyzing the battlefield
    14. A general must know whether the enemy is short- or far-sighted
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