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    We met and discussed with three managers and leaders from different organizations and areas. Some points should be helpful for you.

    1) Who are leaders? To put it simply, leaders are those who can lead a group, an organization, or a nation.

    2) What are good qualities of successful leaders?

    - Vision: Successful leaders need to have a clear and feasible vision. They have to know their current positions as well as their destinations.

    - Listening and implementing: One of the most important traits of leaders is the listening ability. In fact, this is one of the tough capabilities as most leaders are at high positions, where they often want others to listen themselves rather than they have to listen to others. If leaders do not know, it would be easy for them to fail. In contrast, if they know how to listen actively, leaders may find out problems that need to be solved, then they can make comprehensive decisions.

    In terms of implementation, no matter who you are, a leader of a group, organization, or a country, you need to master a certain knowledge and competencies of management such as managing people, organization, finance, economy, law, and so forth. Additionally, leaders need to possess diverse abilities such as effective communication, public speaking, negotiation, problem- solving, conflict-solving, life-long learning, and so on.

    - Inspiring, networking, and developing: Successful leaders have to know how to inspire others. If doing so, leaders can become influencers and inspired people can be considered followers.

    Also, building good relationships is required. Leaders should motivate themselves and others. They need to have empathy and respect for team members so that these individuals can be new leaders. These abilities can help leaders and team members from other groups or organizations connect together, and they then can establish stronger and more sustainable organizations, and consequently, generate a better world.

    Anthony Phuc Le.

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