Branding driven by Psychology & Neuromarketing rules

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    Research has shown that 90% of customer purchase behavior is irrational.

    Why does a supermarket apple bag sell better thanks to an unusual "abnomal" outside the packaging? A box of shrimps instead of color packaging and nearly double the price increase sales spike? And why a mascot is so important to the success of a brand? Great questions will be analyzed through the case studies of the speakers themselves experience & experience.

    - What is the difference between Brand Differentiation and Brand Distinction?

    Will the difference and prominence of the brand have a different impact on the customer's brain response in making a purchase decision? - Why do emotions govern reason, not vice versa? When it comes to saying "unreasonable" customers are there rules to explain this irrationality? Who should attend? The intensive workshop is only suitable for those who are really interested and are facing the above questions in the management of Sales, Marketing and Brand Speakers: Nguyen Duc Son, CEO of Richard Moore Associate & Chairman of Plato Brand Pham Vu Tung Academy Ex. CMO of Piagio Vietnam & CMO of CNG Group with famous brands such as Davines, Tigi (Speaker Hanoi workshop) Pham Đinh Nguyen - CEO of PhinDeli. Share your customer experience with content-rich content campaigns (Speaker Workshop Saigon), Panel Panel Discussion: Dang Thu Ha - Director of Nielsen. Share about Nielsen Neuro focus, the test of the emotional response of TVC viewers. Plato Brand Talk 3 Hanoi Cultural Center 24 Trang Tien - Hanoi Time: 8h30 to 11h30 on 2/4/2017 Saigon Hall hall, Hoa Sen University No. 8, Nguyen Van Trang street, P Ben Thanh, District 1 Time: 8:30 to 11:30 on 15/4/2017 Plato Academy would like to be granted preferential fares of 500K (preferential fares outside 700K) to the members of the MOST At this status. 30 members of Q & A club in Hanoi 50 members of Q & A club in SG
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